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Dual Credit Courses

over 2 years ago

2014-2015 Dual Credit Courses Offered

* Agriculture Mechanics     * Anatomy & Physiology    * Art Appreciation    * Government    * Wildlife Management

* US History    * Environmental Biology   * Psychology


What are Dual Credit courses?

Dual Credit courses are clases taught by high school teachers at Cobden High School.  These classes count not only for high school credit but also Shawnee Community College credit.  A year long course yields six credit for college.  Taking advantage of these offering will allow our students to experience college material earlier and potential reduce college courses they will have to take in the future!  These courses are taught using college curriculum, materials, and in some cases book. 


Requirements to Enroll in Dual Credit Courses

Students must be 16 years old and pass entrance criteria on the Asset or Compass Test.  These test are usually administered during the students sophomore year.  Students will be allowed to test multiple times.



Currently the only cost to the student and their family is a $25 book rental fee per course. 

More Information can be found at the Shawnee Community College Website.  Just click the link below!


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